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The Wilder Agency

Digital Marketing Experts

We Offer A Full Suite Of Services For Companies Needing Real Results In A Digitally Driven World.


Idea People

Wilder Ideas .. Wilder Executions .. Wilder Results.  It's what we do.

    Great support

We have to warn you, after working with us .. no agency will never be quite enough.


Successfully delivering digital ad solutions to niche marketers since 1998.  Let us help your brand to soar!

Full Service Digital

We're an A-to-Z firm when it comes to digital marketing. Lean on us and win.

Creative Artisans

The art of story brand oriented telling and developing creative imagery in a way that engages audiences is something that we pride ourselves on.  Scroll down to see some of our recent work.


Our biggest specialties involves helping marketers to reach audiences that require a heightened level of targeting expertise or care when it comes to communication strategies...some examples are below:

Special needs households are especially hard to reach but are among the most receptive consumer target. We delicately communicate to this target with the right messaging.

Special Needs Households

Speaking to Millennials correctly requires care and precision as this group represents the most discerning consumer base.


Multicultural Marketing requires an innate understanding of the evolving unique traits of these groups. We're experts at helping companies to effectively communication to these audiences with a sincere voice.


Senior markets are healthier, smarter, and more tech savvy than ever before. With the advent of tablet computing, smartphones, and the rapid evolution of voice enabled access to technology....this is a market that we can connect you with in the right digital channels.


Brands We've  Worked With

We love each and every one of our clients and treat them like family.

Recent works

It is a long established fact that a reader will be distracted by the readable content of a page when looking at its layout.

aLotta : Love

aLotta : Inspiration

The Anthony Effect

The Makeover

The Spectrum Guide

BRAND: LottaBody
SERVICE: Branded Content/Multicultural
WINNER: Silver Telly For Social Marketing

BRAND: LottaBody
SERVICE: Branded Content/Multicultural
WINNER: Bronze Telly For B2C Video

BRAND: Creme of Nature
SERVICE: Influencer Marketing/Multicultural
High Engagement Video

BRAND: Creme of Nature
STYLE: Branded Content/Multicultural

OUTCOME: Over 10k followers in launch week

Rich Media Ad Example

ABOUT: Our rich media ads can tell an interactive story about your offerings within a single ad execution.

Small Business Friendly

We work with an very limited amount of smaller businesses.  Reach out to us to see if there's an opening.

Full Service Digital

(with a lot of traditional services as well) 

Brand Strategy

No matter what part of the branding cycle best fits your needs.  We can help.

Video Production

We've conceive and create highly effective web videos & commercials. Check some examples of our award winning work.

Graphic Design

    Our design capabilities range from digital, rich media, and traditional forms of design such as magazines ads and outdoor executions

Event Activations

Want to do something really unique at your next consumer event all while making sure the spend was worth it? Lean on us.


Brands of all sizes should have a personalized customer communication strategy in place.  Consult us to catapult your business to all new levels.

Mobile Marketing

Mobile marketing isn't the next big thing. It IS the big thing (well one of them). We focus on immersive mobile ad executions along with SMS/MMS communications.

Full Service Social

    From social media marketing to page management.  We work with company's of all sizes to make sure they're getting it right


We're very well versed on best practices and getting the most out of desktop, tablet, and mobile executions. Point blank: our designers rock.


Great ideas, a solid team, and flawless executions created a successful award winning campaign.  Thank you to The Wilder Agency



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